Day 5: Morning in Bethlehem

BETHLEHEM –┬áMy day will begin with Bethlehem. To get there from Jerusalem, you have to […]

Day 4: An Hour in the Wilderness, Not 40 Days

WADI QELT, ISRAEL – It is not quiet in the Judean Desert. You can hear […]

Day 4: Following John Romer into Dead Sea Scroll History

QUMRAN, DEAD SEA – Again and again, I face the reality of the world against […]

Day 4: Atop Masada, Much Better Than Television

On the drive to Masada, I come up against Hollywood. The 1981 ABC television Masada […]

Day 4: Dead Sea of Luis Marden, in Kodachrome No More

I have brought along from the U.S. three 1960s editions of National Geographic that feature […]

Day 3: The Wall at the Davidson Center

From Luke: “After three days they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the […]

Day 3: View of Mont des Oliviers, Before Vatican II

As we go up the stairs of a French monastery in Jerusalem, I feel as […]

Day 2: Jerusalem in Candy Colors and Jewels

After Eucharist, we get settled and immediately get to go up on the roof of […]

Day 2: Arrival and Eucharist at St. George’s Cathedral

JERUSALEM, MAY 5, 2013 – We arrive by Mercedes Sprinter bus at St. George’s, a […]

Day 2: The Road to Jerusalem

  ROUTE 1, ISRAEL, MAY 5, 2013 – Driving from Ben Gurion to Jerusalem is […]